I highly recommend Issi, he took me on a fantastic journey of discovery and awakening. After years of specialists and medicine, I found Issi and I am no longer needing medications. Give Issi a call today. -- P. H.

Issi is absolutely amazing, the time and patience he had with our son whilst doing the neurofeedback was next level. My son went leaps and bounds with this training and it was amazing to see him flourish in the classroom. We highly recommend Issi and the neurofeedback training he provides -- T. O.

I have to be completely be honest I was sceptical of this therapy, after seeing multiple paediatricians, psychologists etc and avoiding medication, I was desperate to try anything to help my 9-year-old daughter. Olivia suffered with anxiety, confidence and academically. Olivia has completed 34 sessions with Issi, and I have noticed a pleasant improvement. Olivia is less anxious, more confident and happier to attend school. Educationally is hard to say given the terrible year we had last year. We didn’t even get our usual graded school reports. But her attitude towards learning has improved I believe. I am so incredibly grateful for your help Issi, thank you so much! I’m so happy to see my daughter enjoying her young beautiful life 💖 -- L. A.

Through my life I have come across many different types of therapies, Coaches and Counsellors. But none of were as Issi, I was introduced to Issi through an acquaintance and with his vast knowledge and understanding after only a few NLP sessions, I felt real change in my life, this made me understand the root cause of my dissatisfaction. With the protocol that was so different, I was able to change my habitual thinking and went on a beautiful journey of self-discovery and awakening, my changes already visible to all whose know me, I’m grateful to you Issi. -- E. G.

Issi has helped me so much in such a short space of time. I was feeling really overwhelmed only a few months ago and now I feel much calmer and more carefree. Issi is very calm and works with you through your problems and gives you the tools so you can work on yourself whenever you need. -- S. A.

Issi you have worked wonders for me personally this year & am truly grateful for your guidance & now friendship 🙏🙏🙏 -- G. R.

Issy has helped our 5 year old daughter who had been suffering from social anxiety, confidence, and overwhelmed in particular environments such as school. After 3-4 months of seeing Issy twice a week our daughter has improved dramatically. Her confidence is high, social anxiety has improved and has become a outgoing 5 year old full of confidence. Highly recommended for not only kids but also adults, we appreciate all your help Issy. -- G. R.

Issi's professional approach to me personally has help me in many ways. I have grown within my own space and learnt how to grow and take on new opportunities that i didn't think i deserved. He helps me to deal with griefs that i didn't deserve to bare. This man has a heart of GOLD and is a true healer. I recommend him on many levels. -- T. J.

I have known Issi Gispan for over 30 years. Issi possesses an immense knowledge of how to heal your body and mind without using traditional medicines. He has been helping me with my health problems throughout my life journey and advising me of methods of how to get rid of pain, anxiety, worries and habits naturally. Thanks to Issi Gispan vast knowledge of healing methods, his caring nature and persistence, I have overcome a severe depression over 10 years ago. I now live a medication free happy life with a positive outlook for the future. I have adopted his mantra and when asked by people how am I - always say "On top of the world”! Thank you Issi for being a wonderful person as you are, always ready to dedicate your time and advice when needed. -- T. R.


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