Alternatives to medication in the treatment of ADHD

ABC Catalyst, May 2003

Many of the children currently taking drugs for ADHD may not need them, say Swinburne University researchers. The alternative, drug-free treatment known as neurotherapy may work for them. Neurotherapy is biofeedback for the brain and involves the children correcting their own faulty brainwave patterns by playing a computer game. Electrodes connect their brain to the computer, and by winning the game their brainwaves are gradually put right.

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"Thought control" (Neurotherapy)

Laticia Gibson (Sydney Morning Herald), May 2006

Support is growing for non-drug treatment of ADHD.

A therapy that exercises the brain is producing the kind of results that only drugs were delivering for some people with attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD). Electroencephalograph biofeedback (or neurotherapy) trains the brain to harness its inherent ability to learn about itself and change permanently. People with ADHD and learning disabilities often have sluggish brainwave activity and neurotherapy can increase a patient's ability to concentrate, learn and retain information.

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What Is Holistic Medicine?

Melinda Ratini (DO, MS) March 2020

Holistic medicine is also based on the belief that unconditional love and support is the most powerful healer and a person is ultimately responsible for their own health and well-being.

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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness has become something of a buzzword recently, but the term describes a simple concept. Mindfulness is the state of being fully present and calmly aware of the thoughts, emotions, and sensations you experience from one moment to the next. The goal is to do this curiously and without judgment or attachment to any particular feelings or outcomes.

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The Efficacy of Neurofeedback in the Treatment of Autism

Rosemary Akhavan, Walden University (2018)

Autism is a disorder that impairs the development of a person’s ability to interact with other people and to relate productively with the outside world. There are many types of interventions being used to treat autism, but there are no cures or definitive treatments for this disorder.

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Sustained Effects of Neurofeedback in ADHD

European Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (2019)

Neurofeedback (NF) has gained increasing interest in the treatment of attention-defcit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Given learning principles underlie NF, lasting clinical treatment efects may be expected.

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