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Healing Your Body by Healing Your Mind is a Holistic Health Clinic, founded by Issi Gispan in February 2021.

Issi Gispan is a passionate and warm-hearted Holistic Health Practitioner dedicated to providing excellent healthcare to Australians. His inspiring story is a testament to the value of lifelong learning, demonstrating that age is all in the mind. After graduating from Quantum University in 2020 and becoming certified by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, Issi dedicated himself to learning as much as possible, visiting libraries and attending seminars to better understand the inner self. His journey led him to Quantum University, where he pursued his passion and worked tirelessly to graduate with an average of 94.45% across all subjects.

As a Holistic Health Practitioner, Issi strives to transform the way Australians view overall health and well-being. He provides transformative healthcare solutions that have shown incredible results, particularly for neurodivergent individuals, including children with ADHD, autism, and anxiety. To build a loyal client base, Issi uses his natural extroversion and passion for helping others to carefully monitor their reactions, responses, and results. Sometimes this means offering pro-bono work to those who can't afford any fees, developing relationships, honing his skills, and breaking down barriers.

Issi's ultimate dream is to open a comprehensive medical centre that offers holistic and functional medicine, where patients can receive stellar healthcare solutions that will allow for a greater quality of life. His vision is to pair holistic solutions with medical doctors who can provide surgeries and other practices in the event of an emergency. For Issi, the true reward comes from offering transformative healthcare solutions that will change lives for the better. His passion for helping others continues to drive him, and he will not be satisfied until he has done his part to transform the way Australia views and responds to holistic healthcare.

You can contact Issi on 02 9174 5333 or info@healingyourbody.com.au

Issi Gispan BHHSc


02 9174 5333
Suite 2107, Level 2, The Hub
31A Lasso Rd, Gregory Hills NSW 2557
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